Homecoming proposals


Homecoming had to be my favorite dance in high school. There’s no pressure, it’s at the start of the school year and no matter what happens — rain or shine — it will all be washed away by the impending holiday season. This year I decided to approach our homecoming coverage differently by asking students how their dates asked them to the dance.

The idea came from a bike ride I took with my boyfriend at Riverside Park around prom season last year.

This was the proposal we found:

prom_proposal_100114#Promposals became a popular hashtag on Instagram around the same time last year.  Students everywhere were sharing their prom proposal photos.

BuzzFeed and Pinterest have some pretty good ideas for students who have had a hard time figuring out a clever way to ask their potential dates.

A cautionary tale: A student told me the story of a boy painting his proposal on a girl’s car but with the wrong kind of paint. Girl said no. Painter thinner had to come to the rescue.

Anyways, the work continues.

I’ll add more pictures once they’re in.

For now here are some of the others I’ve received from our readers here at the Victoria Advocate:

homecoming_porposal_100114_2 homecoming_porposal_100114_3 homecoming_porposal_100114_4

When did asking someone out to a school dance become so complicated?